Sunday 3 July 2016

Getting Connected

More great progress in the last week. By the middle of the week we got the eccentric straps refitted, complete with the necessary oak plugs in the eccentric sheave bolt holes. We removed the connecting rods and valve yokes from storage in the tender and cleaned them up ready for refitting. In a day of very heavy work Nathan Lightowler and Dave Green refitted both connecting rods and tightened up the big and small end bearings. 

Colin Vaughan made a visit to Ian Riley's place at Heywood and got confirmation that the tender tyre forgings are on order from Germany with a three week delivery lead time. Riley's people also confirmed that they will commence fitting of the tyres as soon as the forgings arrive. Calum Titley sent through some pictures of the repairs that have been completed on the tender wheel centres.

We are making good progress towards getting the loco back in operation during the late summer....

This will be the last weekly update for a couple of weeks due to the holiday season...

Fitting the eccentric straps - a two person job. The hands of Nathan Lightowler visible in this picture (he did all the heavy stuff...)

Wedged up against the front of the firebox, Doug Scott did the easy bits while Nathan lifted everything into place..

All four eccentric straps fitted...

Starting to fit the RH Connecting Rod.....a heavy lump..

The small end of the RH Connecting Rod disappearing into the slidebars..

LH Connecting Rod small end with the cotter and pin fully fitted..

Both Connecting Rods back in place..

The connecting rods just after removing them from storage in the tender..

When 828 was preserved she had been fitted with non-original type connecting rods. At the request of the SLPTF BR found an original pair on BR 57601 (CR 863 built by Dubs in 1899 under contract to the Caley) and fitted them to 828 (BR 57566).

The tender wheelsets at Ian Rileys with all repairs complete. Now we just need the new tyres..

Close up of a weld repair..