Sunday 14 May 2017

Annual Boiler Examination

Apologies for the delay in updating the blog - it's been a busy few week. CR 828 has accumulated about 600 miles in traffic since the end of March and is running pretty well.  In the past week she has had her annual boiler inspection. This involves the Boiler Inspector carrying out a detailed examination of the boiler in the cold condition and then returning to inspect it in steam and check the setting of the safety valves. This work was completed during the week commencing Monday 7th May and was completed on Friday 11th May. The loco also had its 28-day exam under SRC maintenance procedures.  She is now back in service again. I heard her running into Boat of Garten Station a few minutes ago while updating the blog..

A Master Craftsman at work! Mr Murray Duncan is applying the letters and numbers to the front bufferbeam.

The finished job - absolutely perfect. Thanks Murray...!

Stopped at Boat of Garten down home signal on a day when we were working a two-train service.

Mr Michael Wells, a great fan of CR 828 with Driver Doug Scott and 828 at Boat of Garten

Fireman Tom Macdonald looking thoughtful as we wait for departure on the 13:00 Dining Train on May 7th..

Almost ready for departure.. The piper makes his way up the platform to give the Diner a Highland send-off

46512 receives some attention from Benny McInnes while 828's annual boiler exam gets underway.

Safety Valves removed...

The safety valves stripped and cleaned ready for inspection..

Sam Logan with one of the 22 boiler washout plugs he cleaned...

Nathan Lightowler checks the feather edge clearance on the safety valves while Calum Titley prepares for washing out the boiler barrel through the smokebox tubeplate washout plugs..

Roddie McRae looking cheerful as he carries out 28-day exam repairs.

View looking into the boiler just above the foundation ring. Note the build up of scale that needs to be washed out...

Attending to the inside motion. The LH Fwd Eccentric Rod needed some tightening..
Early morning sunlight in the Shed as 828 warms up ahead of the annual steam test..
Job done. safety valves set at 180 psi and the annual inspection completed satisfactorily...

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